Family care fellowship consists of a group of dedicated and devoted members of our church who carry out voluntary, selfless and yeoman service for the poor, needy, aged and under privileged, who feel lonely and are abandoned by society and left to fend for themselves.

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Annual Report 2015-2016


Family care fellowship consists of a group of dedicated and devoted members of our church who carry out voluntary, selfless and yeoman service for the poor, needy, aged and under privileged, who feel lonely and are abandoned by society and left to fend for themselves. Family Care fellowship is extending a caring hand to those people who need help and console them in times of their distress like accidents or sudden hospitalization, death of dear and near and they also visit old people in homes or hospitals. We consider it a privilege and Christian responsibility to visit such people and do the needful in our church as well as in the society. Many people who were once active in our church and who cannot move now were thrilled by our visits in their sick beds and on memorable days like birthdays etc. The Family Care Fellowship has completed 15 years of dedicated and selfless service to all the family members of the church.
The Family care Fellowship also conducts counselling classes for those who are worried and are facing family problems. They pray for them and help them to overcome their problems and worries.
The Family Care Fellowship meets on every 3rd Sunday of the month after Malayalam Service to discuss the various activities to be carried out. At the meeting a few hymns are sung and a spiritual message is given by the Vicar or Asst. Vicar of the church and certain church assignments such as “Passing the Peace”, Bible reading and taking the offertory etc are given to the members under the guidance of our Vicars.

Calendar of Events
On 19th April 2015 Family care fellowship gave a farewell to Rev. Sinoj Manooran. During the meeting. Adv. P.K.G. Tharakan, Justus Samuel, Suku J Kurian, K.D. Abraham and Asha Varkey spoke a few words and Achen also expressed his gratitude in his speech. We wish Achen and Rincy Kochamma all success in future in their spiritual life.
On 26th April in the farewell meeting given by the church, Mr. Varkey Thomas said a few words on behalf of Family care fellowship and gave a small gift to Rev. Sinoj Manjooran achen. During the month some of our members visited the homes of Gracy Varghese, P.T. James and also those who lost their loved ones and prayed for them. On 17th May 2015, Mr. Varkey Thomas introduced the new achen Rev. Joe Varghese and also the seminary trainee Mr. Sujth Godfree to the members. The above new members gave their pastoral experiences about their spiritual learning and deep interest in the Almighty God which ultimately brought them into the spiritual mission. We celebrated the first wedding anniversary of Rino S Babu and Romie Rino, congratulated them and distributed cake among all those present.
In the meeting held on 21st June, Mr. Suku J Kurian gave a description regarding his tour of the Holy Land aiong with Jessy Kurian and Cmde. M. J. John & family . The family care fellowship celebrated the 30th wedding anniversary of Mr. Sunil Varkey & Betsy Sunil and also the promotion of Mrs. Annamma Abraham as Asst. Post Master.
The family care fellowship members sang two songs, one in Malayalam and the other in English on family Sunday observed on 26th July. The choir was conducted by Mr. Jayan Samuel.
The next meeting of the family care fellowship was held on 16th. A Bible quiz was conducted about the history of Immanuel church by Mr., Jayan Samuel. Mr. K.D. Abraham prayed for the sick.
On 23rd August the Annual Family Care fellowship Sunday was celebrated. The word of God on Holy Communion was delivered by Mr. George Varghese in English & Malayalam Service. In Tamil service the word of God was delivered on the topic “Family” by Helen Stanley. Two special Songs in Tamil service and one in Malayalam service were sung by family care fellowship choir conducted by Mr. Jayan Samuel. The songs that were sung are “yehovaye njan ella kalathum vazhthum” and the English song “Make way, make way for Christ the King in splendor”. Mr. George Varghese gave message about the Lord’s Table.
The family Care fellowship members also participated in the Onam progamme of feeding the needy with great enthusiasm.
On 20th Sept, we celebrated the 25th wedding anniversary of K.D. George & Mini George. The members also welcomed the newly wedded couple Rev. Joe Varghese Achen & Cristeena Kochamma and Jubin & Sunu. A group of members attended the funeral of Annamma Alex, mother of Asha Varkey at Thevalakkara on 15th Sept. On 24th Sept our members visited the homes of the sick including Mr. Vitlog, M.S. Stephen, P.D. Benjamin, J.M. Varghese & P.M. Varghese. Mr. Vitlog shared his testimony on how by the Grace of our Almighty God and prayers of the several members of the Family Care Fellowship, he recovered. He said, ” Truly this is a miracle by our Almighty God in my life. Glory to our God”.
One of our senior members Mr. A.C. Mathew passed away on 9th Oct. He was an active member of the CSI Immanuel Church.
The Annual “Harvest Festival” of the Immanuel Church was celebrated on 1st November in which the Family care Fellowship members set up a stall serving items like Palada Payazam, Kappa, Fish Curry, banana chips , samosa, cutlet etc and an amount of Rs. 95,700/- was collected and remitted to the church account. We wish to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all the members and sponsors, volunteers, coordinators etc for having contributed to this programme. One of our regular members, Philip Peter from Pampadi CSI Church shared his 3 year old son Anit Peter’s testimony that he was cured of Blood Cancer (“Becrkilt Lukemia”) because he committed his son to serve the Lord if he recovered and was healed.
This year, Family Care Fellowship members conducted serenading during Christmas time and visited the sick and elderly and shared the word of Joy of Christmas by singing carols, prayers etc.
We visited Mr. P.C. Varkey, Kunjamma Paul, K.B.F. Soloman, Mrs. Cunningham, M.S. Stephen, Susan Abraham, Major Lawrence Pavamani and C.M. Mathew on 18th Dec. Next year we wish to make it more elaborate. On 22nd Dec during Koinonia, we sang two Malayalam Songs and presented a meaningful skit about Christmas peace in a home. In the meeting held on 17th January 2016, Mr. Varkey Thomas welcomed Rev. Mathews Scaria, Secretary of Bible Society of India & Elson from Kottayam and we gave a brief idea of family care fellowship to them. And Rev. Mathews Scaria spoke to the gathered members. The Bible society appointed Mr., Varkey Thomas and Mr. Jibu Jose to collect the Annual Contributions from December 2015 onwards. . One of our members Aneesh Mathew S/o. Mathew Thomas & Sajini Mathew gave a testimony of his son’s miraculous survival in the accident in Dubai on 14th January 2016. He without any injuries though his car got sandwiched between two trucks in the accident.

We wish to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Rev. Jacob John Achen, Rev. Sinoj Manjooran, Rev. Joe Varghese Achen, Mr. George Varghese and Helen Stanly for all their support and for delivering the “Word of God” on several occasions of the Family care Fellowship meetings.
Most of all we wish to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Almighty God for all His Blessings and Mercies showered upon us all throughout the year.

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