Our women’s fellowship group is a very active one in our Congregation. They meet every second Sunday after service for Bible studies and prayer. They take keen interest in the fasting prayer meetings held on Saturdays of every month. First Sunday of March is held as a Women’s Sunday and women are given the opportunity to conduct the whole service. They are very actively involved in all the church affairs where they work together and grow spiritually. They donate for various charities and mission work.

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Annual Report 2015-2016


We have the joy of having more than 100 subscribing members in the year 2015 to 2016. Our regular activities were:
1.Bible study – All Wednesdays at 4 p.m. : Bible study classes were conducted every Wednesday except during the month of December, February and March. The lessons were from the book of 1st Peter. Rev. Jacob John conducted the classes most of the time. The Bible study had been inspiring, knowledgeable and interesting. A good number of W.F members attended the classes.
2.Fasting Prayer – All 3rd Friday of the month from 10.30 a.m.During Fasting prayer, time was spent on intercessory prayer, singing, sharing the word of God and worship. Many members gave their testimonies of God’s amazing acts of care and protection that they experience in their lives.
3.Half day Retreat – every 4th Friday of the month at 10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Several speakers from various groups, Christian ministers and our Achens shared the word of God and gave inspiring messages during the retreat. A large number of W.F members attended the retreats and many shared their personal testimonies.
4.Greater Cochin Area Retreat – once in three months.Area retreats were conducted four times during the year at different churches of the Greater Cochin Area. There were either Bible quiz competition or talent time at the area meetings. Our W.F presented creditable performance and won prizes most of the time.
5.Other Activities:
a.Diocesan Women’s Conference:
Eight members from our church attended the diocesan women’s conference conducted at Diosesan Retreat centre at Shornur.
b.At the area level quiz competition of the women’s fellowship held at Immanuel church, Mrs Susan Thomas and Mrs Josephine Joy won the 1st and 2nd position respectively. At the Diocesan level competition conducted at Shornur in February ’16, Mrs. Susan Thomas and Josephin Joy won the 1st and 3rd position respectively in the 35-55 years age group.
c.Area level committee meetings were conducted at All Saints Church, Kalamassery once in 3 months and most of the time, two members attended the meetings.
d.Area level prayer meetings were conducted on every 1st Friday of the month at All Saints Church, Kalamassery and once at CSI Church, Eloor and one or two W.F members participated.
e.W.F area level Carol Service was conducted on 5th December 2015 at All Saints Church, Kalamassery. About twenty W/F members of Immanuel church along with the Achens also participated.
f.Women’s Sunday: Women’s Sunday was celebrated on 20- 9- 2015. Members of the women’s fellowship led the worship services and Dr. Joanne Siddique, Mrs Josephine Joy and Mrs. Jeba gave the messages during the English, Malayalam and Tamil worship services respectively.
g.World Day of Prayer: A prayer service was conducted in our chapel on 1-3-2015. The focus of prayer was the country of Cuba. Mrs Lilly Issac Kochamma and Mrs Betsy Sunil led the prayer, gave the message and discussed facts about the country of Cuba.
h.Harvest Festival: By sale through special stall and by fund collection, our Women’s Fellowship raised a worthy sum of money which exceeded the collections of the previous years. All the active members of W.F whole heartedly participated.
i.Visiting the sick and aged: Women’s fellowship members visited sick and aged persons and spent time with them, interacting and praying with them
j.Christmas Celebration.
      i.Sale: A sale of cake and other food items was conducted on the second Sunday of December at our church. From the proceeds of the sale, cash gifts were given to help few widows and needy   women.
          Christmas celebration: W.F members had a special Christmas celebration with the retired senior members who found it difficult to participate in W.F. activities. A few senior members shared their past experiences.
During the Christmas season, members visited several homes of the sick and lonely persons particularly women , with small gifts and spent time with them singing carols and praying with them. Cakes were given to the children of Immanuel home during Chistmas as Christmas gift.
6. Financial Help:
Financial help was given to Bethel Ashram, besides support to one student of the Immanuel Home and support for educational expense of one theology student.
7. Also as in the past year for Kuppakelly, Ambalavayal Day Care project, Wayanad, our Women’s fellowship jointly with other W.F of Greater Cochin Area supported the project for the whole year in a more meaningful way by meeting the cost of salary of the staff and children’s food at the day care centre. This help will not be continued further as it does not come under Cochin diocese now.
8. Send off meetings were conducted by the women’s fellowship members for Rev.Sinoj Manjooran and family and Rev. Joe Varghese and family during the year. Small gifts were handed over to the achens to express our gratitude for their support and guidance.

We are immensely grateful to our Achens Rev.Jacob John, Rev. Sinoj Manjooran and Rev. Joe Varghese who gave valuable guidance and whole hearted support to all our activities during the year. We acknowledge with gratitude the support of the pastorate committee and also all those who have supported the women’s fellowship generously.

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