The young people of the Immanuel Chruch bring in a lot of new energy, creativity and enthusiasm to the life of the Immanuel Church.

The Youth Fellowship of the Immanuel Church meets every week for prayer, discussion and fellowship. The Immanuel youth take active part in the life of the church.

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Annual Report 2015-2016


The Almighty Lord has showered his blessings upon the members of the youth fellowship and on their family. The routine youth retreats, youth meetings and youth prayer meetings ensure that the youth receive their blessings from the creator on time. The fellowship and its activities provide a firm base for the youth to develop in Christ. Growing in Christ strengthens everyone from inside helping them to become a good individual. A good individual can spread the love and the light of the creator among others and lead a life in Christ which is most worthy in this world.

Here are the activities of the Youth fellowship from April 2015- January 2016:
Monthly Prayer meetings:
Our youth come together on every 2nd Saturday at 4 p.m. to worship our savior Jesus Christ,
share their joy and sorrows and to pray for each other.
Monthly Youth meetings:
Our youth come together for the youth meetings after English and Malayalam services on every
2nd Sunday and 4th Sunday, respectively.
As a sign of breaking the Lenten fast, the youth of our church distributed Easter eggs after the
Malayalam and English services on Easter Sunday, in the month of April.
14th June was celebrated as Environment Sunday. As a part of the same, our youth carried out
various programmes. All the activities were undertaken as a measure to protect and nurture Mother
Nature and hence they were named as “Green Harvesting”. Youth undertook following activities on
behalf of the same:
● Distributed seeds of different vegetables to the Sunday school children of both English and
Malayalam services and instructed them to plant the seeds at their homes.
● Conveyed the importance and need of preserving and nurturing nature to the Sunday school children
which was greatly appreciated by parents and Sunday school teachers.
● Planted many saplings in the church compound in carry bags.
● Distributed pledge cards that had pledges to love and to protect nature.
The month of July was a significant month for the youth as the youth committee was reconstituted
during this month. In a special youth meeting conducted on the 1st Sunday of the month, Joby George
resigned from the post of Youth Secretary and Charley Varkey was elected as the new Youth Secretary.
Christeena Rose Johnson was re-elected as the Youth Joint Secretary. Rinchu Abraham, Bhavya
Sunil, Neethi Paul, George Jacob, Dijo Daniel and Sandeep John were elected as the new youth
committee members.
On the occasion of Family Sunday, the female members of youth fellowship presented a mime
which was appreciated by the congregation.
Youth Sunday was celebrated on 9th August. Mr. Sandeep John and Miss. Ankita Mathew shared
the word of God during the Malayalam and the English services, respectively. The youth also rendered
special songs during the services.
The presence of the youth during the All Night Prayer on 14th August was a real blessing. They
also ensured their participation for the Onam special programme of Feeding the Needy.
On 29th August the first One Day Retreat of the Ernakulam area of the Cochin Diocese was held at our church. The retreat was led by the Diocesan Youth General Secretary Rev. Shibu.N.S and Diocesan Youth Worker Mr. Jobin.P.Joy. Rev. Dr. P.K. Kuruvilla shared the word of God during the retreat on the theme ‘Youth Empowerment’ and Mr. Francis Perera from Cyber Cell took awareness classes on cyber world. During the retreat Mr. Abraham Simon, Thrissur Area Church Board Secretary announced a special trophy for the church which bagged the highest position in the Kerala Regional Kalamela 2014 and it was our church youth who bagged the trophy. The trophy was presented by Rev. Shibu.N.S to the winning church. During the retreat, Christeena Rose Johnson and Dijo Daniel, both from our church were elected as the Area Joint Secretary and Area Treasurer, respectively.

The diocesan Kayikamela (sports event) was held on 27th August at Shoranur. Our youth participated in the event and were selected to the Kerala Regional Kayikamela. Prizes bagged by our youth are:
● 1st in 4x400m relay girls – Nithya Vargheese, Neethu Vargheese, Jeesna Rose Johnson and Christeena Rose Johnson.
● 2nd in 4x400m relay boys – Tony Hezhakiel, Sonnet Joseph (other two participants were from a different church).
● 2nd in 100m running race – Christeena Rose Johnson
● Tony Hezhakiel was selected to Diocesan Cricket team and Sonnet Joseph was selected to Diocesan Volleyball team.
On the first Sunday of September, the youth harvest was conducted under the leadership of Suja Samuel, Neethi Paul, George Jacob and Dijo Daniel. The youth brought homemade ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat food items for sale after the English and Malayalam services. The youth collected an amount of Rs 25,575 from the sale.
In the month of October the youth started a lucky draw named “Koyouth 2015” in connection with the church harvest festival. Each coupon was worth rupees 50. There were 5 main prizes and 10 consolation prizes. The main prizes were:
● 1st prize – 24 inch LED TV
● 2ND prize – Tab
● 3rd prize – Cycle
● 4th prize – Oven
● 5th prize – Gold Coin
November 1st was celebrated as Church Harvest Sunday. The various activities carried out by the youth were blessed ones. Suja Samuel was selected as the youth harvest committee leader and the other members of the committee were Rithu Rachel Philip, Lynda Vargheese, Lijo Joseph and Dennis Stephen. By God’s grace the youth could collect an amount of rupees 1 lakh from the Koyouth and the youth stall. Winners of Koyouth 2015 are the following:
Prizes, Name, Coupon number
● 1st prize T.J. Samuel 493
● 2nd prize GracyRajanPanicker 510
● 3rd prize Nikitha Sarah 962
● 4th prize John C.S. 1464
● 5th prize Kanjana 679

The consolation prizes were won by Beena Ben, Alen James, Alex.T, Nitika Jose, Nikhil Mani, Rino S Babu, Nicky, Moses John and Alin G Vasanth.
The youth felicitated the newly elected members to the Cochin Diocese during the youth meeting.
During the month of December, our youth visited the sick and old aged of our church at their houses and brought Christmas cheer to them. The youth presented a meaningful Christmas skit on the occasion of Koinonia.
The New Year for the youth fellowship started with welcoming new members to the fellowship. Confirmation Sunday was celebrated on January 3rd. During the day’s service, Youth secretary Charley Varkey welcomed the newly confirmed candidates to the fellowship and they were presented with flowers from the youth fellowship.
On 7th February, the Employees association of Melukavu CSI Church organized a sale of Organic vegetables at our church after English and Malayalam services which were coordinated by our youth. After the sales Mr. Thomas Samuel, a member of our church who was announced as the Best Agricultural Officer 2015, took a class on various methods of organic farming.
The first One Day Retreat of the Ernakulam area youth fellowship was held at St.John the Baptist church, Aluva on 5TH March 2016 in which youth from our church ensured their active participation. Mr. Dijo Daniel, one of our youth members has been selected as the area treasurer during the retreat.

Kalamela reports:
The first Kalamela of the Ernakulam area youth fellowship was conducted at our church on March 12th2016. 47 youth from 6 CSI Parishes in Ernakulam took part in the event. Rev. Jacob John, Rev. James.T.I, Rev. AneeshM.Kurien (President, EKM Area youth fellowship), Rev. Joe Varghese and the Cochin Diocese youth worker Mr. Jobin P. Joy attended the Kalamela.
Our church youth bagged the 1st Overall champion’s trophy.
Miss.Rithu Rachel Philip and Mr. Lijo Joseph of our church were announced as the Kalatilakam and the Kalaprathibha for the Ernakulam area Kalamela.
Winners of various events in the Kalamela from our church youth fellowship are the following:
Individual Items
● Rithu Rachel Philip – 1st in Church music
– 1st in Malayalam elocution
– 2nd in Light Music
● Lijo Joseph – 1st in Cartoon drawing
– 1st in Water coloring
– 2nd in Pencil drawing
● Ruth Ann Roy – 1st in English Essay writing
– 1st in English elocution
● Romeo P.I. – 1st n Pencil drawing
– 3rd in Cartoon drawing
● Robio P.I. – 1st in Fancy dress
– 3rd in English Essay writing
● Tony Hezhakiel – 2nd in Malayalam Essay writing
● Joel Jacob Kurian – 3rd in Malayalam Essay writing
Group Items
● Group song – 1st
● Octet – 1st
● Quartet – 1st
● Mime – 1st
● Tableau – 2nd

Youth Fellowship Committee members:
Youth Secretary – Charley Varkey
Youth Joint Secretary – Christeena Rose Johnson
Youth Treasurer – Robio P.I.
Other youth committee members:
Bhavya Sunil
Rinchu Abraham
Neethi Paul
Dijo Daniel
Sandeep John
George Jacob

During the Easter time Youth Members came together and took effort to make Easter more colourful and meaningful by making Easter Eggs and Youth also distributed the Easter eggs after the English and Malayalam congregations on Easter Sunday.
Miss. Christeena Rose Johnson has been selected as the Ernakulam area Secretary by the Diocesan Executive Committee members. She is also selected to the Diocesan Youth Board.
The youth are thankful to all their seniors for their constant support, advice and guidance without which the youth fellowship and their activities would not have been a success. Special thanks to Rev. Jacob John, Rev. Joe Vargheese Malayil, Mr. Abraham Simon, Mr. Jibu Jose, Mr.Johnson Assaria, Mr. Jose Assaria, Mr. Kurien Ninan, Mr. Deepak George, Mr. Shibu Joseph and the Church Committee members for their timely involvement and encouragement they provide to the youth fellowship.

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